Get hands-on life learning by joining the Fatima Chess Team!

Help your kids improve their problem solving, abstract reasoning, strategic thinking, patience, and sportsmanship skills by learning to play chess. Studies show that chess helps children focus, and become creative thinkers.


As president of the Connecticut State Chess Association Jim Celone says, “Through chess, we learn how to analyze a situation by focusing on important factors and by eliminating distractions. We learn to devise creative solutions and put a plan into action.”


Our Lady of Fatima School provides a great environment in which to teach our kids these skills and prepare them for life ahead.


The Chess Team will practice together, be taught skills for a competitive environment, and participate in Tournaments over the course of the year.  There are two sessions, each 10 weeks.  The Fall session starts October 3rd and Oct 5th. 


Fatima Chess Team

  1. WHAT:Chess Lessons, Games, and Tournaments; Competition jersey
  2. WHO: Grades 3 through 8, Fatima and non-Fatima students
  3. WHEN: Practice takes place ONCE per week.  
    • Wednesday: 3:00-4:00pm, Oct 3rd - Dec 12th - WEDNESDAY TEAM FULL 
    • NEW Additional Day Friday: 3:00-4:00pm, Oct 5th - Dec 14th - OPEN
  4. WHERE: MAKER SPACE (Our Lady of Fatima, downstairs)
  5. WHO COACHES: Certified professional chess coaches
  6. HOW MUCH:
    • Tuition/Registration: $200
    • US Chess Federation Membership (separate cost)
    • Team Jersey (separate cost)
    • Tournaments Registration (separate cost)
 * If you want to join, but can't until a little later in the season, please contact Dan Starbuck Pelletier of DIG USA at 
Fatima partners with Team DIG USA to give back to Connecticut
We’re excited to begin our inaugural chess season under the tutelage of Team DIG USA. Wilton native and long-time friend of Our Lady of Fatima School, Dan Starbuck Pelletier, founded Team DIG to provide both chess and soccer to children in southwest Connecticut in 2014.
Beyond teaching lessons in Fairfield County, Team DIG provides a “lesson-for-lesson” model wherein for each paid lesson provided, Dan and his team provide a free lesson to students in North Hartford, Bridgeport, or Nowalk. Often, Fairfield county students get the opportunity to help teach underprivileged kids. We look forward to joining Dan and Team DIG to give back at Norwalk sessions in the future! As with so many of our Service Above Self acts, students are eligible for service credits when participating in 'Lesson for Lesson'. 
To learn more about the “lesson-for-lesson” model, visit
Welcome Coach Erin Strauts!
Redding resident Coach Erin has been playing competitive chess since elementary school. In 2017, she won the Hartford Open in the U1610 division, finishing 5-0. Learn more about her accomplishments at
Starting on November 8th, an American named Fabiano will be competing against Magnus Carlson for the World Chess Championship.  It's the first time an American has made it this far since Bobby Fischer in 1972. You can get to know Fabiano in this interview here: